Welcoming Summer of 2017

Metis Crossing is excited to start off the summer with a few new residents! We welcome two new barred rock roosters, Rocket and Reggie, and twenty two new leggern hens. Papahâhkwânak kitôwak, wâwiwak, otahtahkwanewak mâka namôya pimihâwak. “Chickens cluck, lay eggs, they have wings but they can’t fly“. We also welcome 31 honey bee hives, including one that can be seen in our farming and harvesting installation. Metis Crossing is now doing their part in helping re-pollinate the amazing bio-diversity of the prairies.

Here at Metis Crossing we are also enjoying an influx in bird migration. From chachakow (pelican), sêsêp (duck),  niska (goose), kêyâsk (gull), ôhô (owl), âmôpêyesês (hummingbird), pahpakwechahikesis (woodpecker), kâhkâkiw (raven), apischikiskisis (chickadee), mischaskosês (swallow), pêpêchew (robin), and most magical of all two more kihew (eagle) were born! The river is high and the mosquitoes are fierce so remember your bug spray and take caution when approaching the swift current of the North Saskatchewan River.

Métis Crossing Camp-Out with the Fort Edmonton Canoe Brigade

This past Sunday Métis Crossing hosted the Fort Edmonton Canoe Brigade after their Sunday paddle. A dance and supper made for an inspired event where stories and dance moves were shared by both Métis Elders and Canadian Voyageur enthusiasts!

Dignitaries were presented with gifts and Canada 150 sashes from Mark Lund of the Voyageur Brigade Society. President of the Métis Nation of Alberta Audrey Poitras welcomed the Brigade to the Métis homeland. Along side her was Karen Collins, President of Region 2 for the Métis Nation of Alberta and Dan Cardinal, Vice President of Region 1. Colin Piquette, MLA, also graced this rendezvous with a heart felt address and recognition of the first Canadians; the Métis. Ernest Brousseau, Mayor of Smoky Lake, honored the event with a welcome to the Brigade, as well.

Métis Crossing would like to thank everyone that contributed to a lovely sunny weekend event celebrating Canada’s multi-cultural heritage. And all those that came out just to enjoy the awe of Alberta’s stunning North Saskatchewan River!

Music and Dancing at Metis Crossing!

Metis Crossing thanks everyone that came out to celebrate National Aboriginal Day this weekend and all the performers, cooks, organizers, volunteers, sponsors, and distinguished guests for their valued contribution to Metis culture in Alberta.



We gathered a few videos to share with everyone. The Nicely Put Together Band opening up the festivities accompanied soon after by the Metis Child and Family Dancers. We hope to see everyone again next year!


A Visit to the Apiary

An apiary is a bee yard where honey bees are kept and Metis Crossing now hosts 32 hives. A new swarm of honey bees caught on a rainy day are now happily in their new home making honey. The next day on a sunny morning, a gentle breeze keeps the mosquitoes away, and we witness natural wonders while coming to understand the bio-diversity of the boreal forest and prairie farm. The walk starts off down the historical Victoria Trail and leads through the 512 acre site of Metis Crossing. This particular visit we witnessed a White Admiral butterfly who gallantly criss-crossed Victoria Trail searching for nectar. Young deer explore the tree ridges as we search for raspberry and saskatoon berry bushes. We also take note of which flowering plants are thriving, big or small, that contribute to our local medicine knowledge.