Métis Crossing’s Infinity Sash 2018



Métis Crossing is very proud to announce an ongoing creative initiative to spark the artistic spirit of Alberta Métis culture! The Infinity Sash was begun with the help of Leon Boychuk-Hunter and Laura Mclaughlin. After Métis Crossing purchased a four pedal loom once owned by a local countryman’s wife, Leon and Laura teamed up to start what is now a Métis sash that will go on and on, with the hope of making it the longest sash ever woven. In addition to it’s length, visitors are encouraged to add four rows at a time to inspire the sash made with many hands from many nations. All guests can also enter their name into our Sash Journal when they participate in our Infinity Sash. Métis Crossing is open until September long weekend, please call ahead to book a tour with your family or friends!


Infinity sahs construction with laura mclaughlinsetting up the four petal loom for the infinity sashIMG_9984visitors from france try the four petal loompetals of the loomkoal trying out the infinity sash 2018infinity sash and hand woven sash demonstration at metis crossing



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