Summer Camping, Music and Art Festivals

Métis Crossing is a diverse and unique place that offers more than just camping and historical site tours. 2017 saw it’s third year in a row hosting three music and art’s festivals. Altogether Odyssey Gathering, Reign Bough Fiddle, and Jamtron enjoyed great camping, weather, family time, music, adventure quests, and workshops. The river saw waders, brave swimmers, fishers, and floaters! Once a year Métis Crossing experiences a colorful splash of artistic flair where those that like to dress up, dance, play, run, and meet other inclusive, and imaginative people come to frolic!

This special property is a welcoming and majestic spot unlike anywhere in eastern, rural Alberta. The best way to get to know the beautiful changing hours is to come out and camp! We have washrooms, showers, and wood available on site. And we are just an 8 minute drive to all amenities.

Just call ahead to find out what is available: 780-656-2229


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