Welcoming Summer of 2017

Metis Crossing is excited to start off the summer with a few new residents! We welcome two new barred rock roosters, Rocket and Reggie, and twenty two new leggern hens. Papahâhkwânak kitôwak, wâwiwak, otahtahkwanewak mâka namôya pimihâwak. “Chickens cluck, lay eggs, they have wings but they can’t fly“. We also welcome 31 honey bee hives, including one that can be seen in our farming and harvesting installation. Metis Crossing is now doing their part in helping re-pollinate the amazing bio-diversity of the prairies.

Here at Metis Crossing we are also enjoying an influx in bird migration. From chachakow (pelican), sêsêp (duck),  niska (goose), kêyâsk (gull), ôhô (owl), âmôpêyesês (hummingbird), pahpakwechahikesis (woodpecker), kâhkâkiw (raven), apischikiskisis (chickadee), mischaskosês (swallow), pêpêchew (robin), and most magical of all two more kihew (eagle) were born! The river is high and the mosquitoes are fierce so remember your bug spray and take caution when approaching the swift current of the North Saskatchewan River.

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